Personal Savings

Woman writing in a notebookNo matter what your savings goals are, Golden Bank can help you to reach your goals. We offer different types of savings account designed to fit a variety of needs and budgets. Whether you're a seasoned saver or just getting started, Golden Bank offers the right account to fulfill your needs.


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 Money Market Plus  Regular Savings / Ultimate Savings*  Children's Bank Savings
Select the savings account that best fits your savings needs Generous tiers let you invest with security while retaining access to your funds Perfect for those who just starting out or with less to invest Save for your children or grandchildren younger than 18⁴
Interest rate tiers Various interest rate ties on account balances from under $10,000 to above $500,000
Earn same interest on all collected account balance Earn same interest on all collected account balance
Free ATM / Check Card¹ image of a green dot image of a green dot  N/A

Daily ATM cash limit $500 $500  N/A
Free Online Banking  image of a green dot   image of a green dot   image of a green dot
Minimum opening balance
$2,500 $100 / $500* $25
Monthly service charge
$5 / $5*
No service charge
Minimum daily balance to avoid service charge
$100 / $500*
No minimum balance required
Withdrawal limits 6 withdrawals per month² 6 withdrawals per quarter³ 6 withdrawals per quarter³

1 Application required. See you personal banker for details. Refund ATM service fee up to $25.00 Per month.
2 Excess withdrawals are charged $5.00 each. Account might be downgraded to DDA upon excessive withdrawals.
3 Excess withdrawals are charged $1.00 each.
4 Requires a parent, grandparent or guardian to be on the account.

Golden Bank also offers various types of personal savings accounts to suit for different banking needs. For more information, please call our main office at (713) 777-3838.